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Asthma is a major chronic health condition that currently affects around 165,000 South Australians, or 1 in 10 people. It is estimated that 50% of these people will experience symptoms during physical activity (Exercise-Induced Asthma). Sport and recreation organisations can play a key role in providing a safe and supportive environment for participants with asthma.


recognises the need to promote responsible asthma management strategies and foster the development of greater asthma awareness.


It is recommended that all people with asthma regularly consult their Doctor for efficient asthma management. However, to reduce the likelihood of an asthma emergency, the following strategies will be implemented:

Committees will:

Provide all coaches and trainers with the opportunity to participate in Asthma   First Aid training

Display asthma information in suitable locations

Encourage the development of an environment and culture of asthma awareness

Endeavour to reduce triggers in the local environment that may affect asthma

Coaches, Leaders and Volunteers will:

Participate in a recognised Asthma First Aid training course (and update every three (3) years)

Ensure the Asthma Emergency Management Kit is available for under five (5) year olds

Ensure all asthma first aid incidents are recorded

 Be aware of participants with asthma in their teams or squads (through Action Plans)

Communicate asthma concerns to parents and carers as appropriate

Members and Participants will:

Take responsibility for the management of their asthma, including consulting their doctor to develop a written Asthma Action Plan

Ensure they have their reliever medication available at all times

Parents, Guardians and Carers will:

Provide and update asthma information as required or needed

Consult their child’s doctor to develop a written Asthma Action Plan

Ensure an appropriate supply of reliever medication is available for their child

Approved by Board of Management of Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated August 2014