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2013 Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan was developed in 2013 by incorporating the input of Member Groups, Key Stakeholders, the Board of Management, Volunteers and neighbours with support from the City of Holdfast Bay and Office for Recreation and Sport

Club Name

Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated

Incorporation number



Remain viable by being an appreciated, fully utilised activity centre for the community

Mission – Purpose

a) To provide structured and planned opportunities for physical and mental development in a safe and healthy environment by providing a variety of activities

b) To meet the activity needs of the community with diverse programs that compliment other activity programs available in the community


a) Our current Member Groups including their coaches, leaders, participants and parents,

b) Current and prospective neighbours, residents and future generations

c) Local Councils, Businesses, Politicians and Government  Departments

d) Life Members, Sponsors and Sporting Associations

Core Values

a) Quality programming in a safe environment

b) Professionalism, consistency, friendliness and welcoming

c) Providing an enjoyable experience

d) Providing opportunities by being inclusive to all