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Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated Strategic Plan (2013):


Remain viable by being an appreciated, fully utilised activity centre for the community.


To provide structured and planned opportunities for physical and mental development in a safe and healthy environment by providing a variety of activities. To meet the activity needs of the community with diverse programs that compliment other activity programs available in the community.

Interested Parties

(a)  Our current Member Groups including their coaches, leaders, participants & parents.

(b)  Current and prospective neighbours, residents and future generations.

(c)  Local Councils, Businesses, Politicians and Government Associations.

(d)  Life Members, Sponsors and Sporting Associations.

Core values

(a)  Quality programming in a safe environment.

(b)  Professionalism, consistency, friendliness and welcoming.

(c)  Providing an enjoyable experience.

(d)  Providing opportunities by being inclusive to all.

Potential benefits and reasons why people volunteer

Parents and children spend time together
Make new friends and have fun
Access to free training and resources
Learn and share new skills
Increase knowledge and improve skills
Make a contribution/ a sense of belonging
Opportunities for travel
Take on new challenges
Explore a career
Earn academic credit
Expand personal experiences
Set a good example for children
Community spirit/become part of a community and/or be a part of a team
Help reduce costs for members
Need to remain active
Opportunities for recognition
Re-live childhood sporting memories

Future Volunteers expectations

Well organised programs to enhance volunteer contribution and performance
Flexibility to meet the needs of busy and complex lifestyles
Achieve healthy work life/volunteers activity balance
Utilising personal skills and attributes as they relate to task requirements
Training initiatives and skill development such as mentoring programs, workshops, internal and external training
Adequately resourced involvement in terms of supervision, support and training, and funding
Opportunity to achieve personal goals, create suggestions and receive recognition
Use of technology to enhance performance and contribution
A supportive, positive and enjoyable environment

Role Descriptions

A role description is important for volunteers because it allows them to know exactly what they are taking on, what is expected of them and how they will be supported. Having role descriptions shows Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated is organised and committed to looking after its volunteers. A role description is also important when it comes to the Volunteer Protection Act (2001), which protects both the Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated and its volunteers.

Record Keeping

Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated commits to good record keeping e.g. policies, procedures.


Approved by Board of Management of Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated November 2014