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AGM 2019 Awards

The 75th Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 29th November 2019. During the meeting there were several awards handed out to some really dedicated volunteers. Carol Porter and Margie Blackwood from Seacliff Calisthenics received a Premiers Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer service. Well done to you both on such a [...]

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Seacliff Recreation at 2019 Glenelg Christmas Pageant!

On Sunday 24th November 2019, the Seacliff Recreation Centre attended the Glenelg Christmas Pageant. All five member groups joined in and we had the longest section in the whole of the pageant with Seacliff Calisthenics, Seacliff KinderGym, Seacliff Judo, Seacliff Gymnastics and Seacliff Ju-Jitsu too!! Great turnout! Thank you to all of those who [...]

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