Starting from Term 3 2016, Seacliff Gymnastics will offer aerobic gymnastics.

Aerobic gymnastics is a dynamic, energetic gymsport that incorporates jumps and leaps, balance and flexibility, and static and dynamic strength into a vivid aerobics routine. Gymnasts can compete individually, in pairs, trios, or teams. Participants will develop coordination, teamwork skills, spatial awareness and confidence. Anyone is welcome to try, but gymnasts will be places in a session depending on their age and ability as assessed by coaches. In future we will be offering additional training sessions to further extend the gymnasts. Although it is currently recreational, competing will be encouraged in 2017.

Training times:

Saturday: 5 – 6 yrs 12 – 1 pm
Saturday: 7 – 9 yrs 1 – 2 pm
Saturday: 10 yrs and over 2 – 4pm

All inquires to be emailed and please include your child’s age.
Bek Fletcher 0479 076 533