The 75th Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 29th November 2019. During the meeting there were several awards handed out to some really dedicated volunteers.

Carol Porter and Margie Blackwood from Seacliff Calisthenics received a Premiers Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer service. Well done to you both on such a deserving award, we’re all so proud of you and all that you do for both Seacliff Calisthenics and the SCRA.

Seacliff Recreation Centre Carol Porter
Seacliff Recreation Centre Margie Blackwood

We also handed out 10 year certificates to appreciate all the hard work our volunteers do – these went to Kara Jeffery, Amy Hackett, Clare Moase and Beverley Manns. A 30 year certificate to Marilynn Rayner. There were two life member awards – Brian Richardson and Debby Scheepers.

Congratulations to you all – so deserving – thank you for all that you do for the centre and your groups – you are amazing!

Seacliff Recreation Centre Kara Jeffery
Seacliff Recreation Centre Amy Hackett
Seacliff Recreation Centre - Clare Moase, Beverley Manns and Marilynn Rayner
Seacliff Recreation Centre Brian Richardson
Seacliff Recreation Centre Debby Scheepers

A selection of photos throughout the night

It was great to see so many life members in attendance at the 75th Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated AGM too!

Seacliff Recreation Centre AGM 2019 life members