Starting this week at the Seacliff Recreation Centre the Ju-Jitsu Kiai group has begun training at the Centre and you can join them!

The student who follows the path of this art will gain in many ways. Development of finely tuned skills applicable to todays self defence situations is one, but certainly not the only gain. As one advances through the syllabus the practice of historical techniques are studied, ie: sword work, Suwariwaza (kneeling) techniques, Ki (mental and spiritual power through concentration and breathing) etc.

Literally – ‘Art of gentleness, acceptance or pliancy”, meaning to use the aggressor’s strength & commitment against them. Developed for the Samurai warrior for when they were disarmed in combat, the principles of Ju-Jitsu have continued through the years proving their worth as a self defence art for today

Training Times:
Tuesday       7:00-8:30pm (Beginners)
Friday          7:00-8:30pm (Seniors)
Saturday      9:00-11:00am (Seniors)