Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated

Hot Weather Policy

1. General Statement

1.1 The Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated acknowledges that environmental factors such as heat can and do affect the health and safety of all those involved in activities conducted by the Association and its Members.

1.2 Although all Member Groups’ activities are indoor sports, those involved in training and competitions are at risk from dangers relating to high environmental temperatures.

1.3 Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated encourages all members to adopt and implement this policy for the safety of those involved in sports at all levels of participation.

1.4 This policy governs:

  • Participants
  • Coaches/Volunteers/ Employees
  • Judges/Officials
  • Visitors

2. Personal Preparation

2.1 Coaches, Committees and participants should make themselves aware of expected temperatures for their day of training or competition.

2.2 Coaches should ensure participants have followed the recommended pre-activity fluid intake of at least 500ml (2/3 glasses) ½ to 1 hour prior to the activity.

2.3 Water should be available at the venue but it may be worthwhile taking a personal supply of water.

2.4 Coaches/ participants should seek medical advice prior to commencement of their activity if they are feeling unwell.

2.5 Participants participating in training and competitions should ensure a sufficient level of fitness has been achieved to compete. If unsure they should consult an accredited Coach for advice.

3. Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated Responsibilities

3.1 Ensure venue airflow is maximised, including the use of air conditioners or fans where practical, during activities.

3.2 Ensure a sufficient supply of ambient (room temperature) water is available.

3.3 If possible supply ice, or some means of keeping ice frozen, for the purpose of decreasing body temperature.

4. Coaches’ Responsibilities

4.1 Ascertain whether any participants in their care have a known medical condition.

4.2 Ensure participants take adequate fluids before, during and after training.

4.3 Encourage fluid intake during breaks.

4.4 Modify training schedule in line with extreme weather conditions.

5. Athletes Recommended Fluid Preparation and Replacement Rate

5.1 Participants should drink at least 500ml (2-3 glasses) 1/2 to 1 hour prior to exercise.

5.2 Participants should during training/competition take advantage of all breaks to drink up.

5.3 After training/exercise participants should drink water to replace your fluid deficit to ensure that they are fully re-hydrated.

Approved by Board of Management of Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated August 2014
Revised April 2017, April 2020, March 2023