Social Media & SCRA Website Procedure

To guarantee the guidelines above are respected, the following procedure must be followed.


1.1 A Board of Management member, who is either part of the executive or representing a Member Group or Member Group Chairperson can request addition of items (information, images etc) to social media outlets and the SCRA website. Unless the individual is the SCRA President, they cannot do it independently.

1.2 If a non-member group wishes to submit an item, they are subject to the same procedure.

1.3 It is expected that the individual submitting the item is certain that it follows the SCRA Communication Policy guidelines. The item must first be sent to the SCRA Secretary who then approves or disapproves its addition to social media outlets and SCRA website. The SCRA Secretary then sends the item to the SCRA Publicity Officer in the approved form.

1.4 The procedure excludes items that a group desires to be ‘shared’ by the SCRA social media outlet whereby it is made clear it is their original intellectual property. If this is the case, they can contact the SCRA Publicity Officer directly.

1.5 The member must submit exactly what they desire to add to the social media outlet or the SCRA website, the SCRA Publicity Officer can only edit it for spelling mistakes and formatting.

1.6 What the SCRA Publicity Officer submits to the social media outlet or website must be identical to what was proposed, they cannot add any more information independently without permission of the SCRA Secretary and the member who proposed the item.


2.1 If it is the SCRA Publicity Officer who desires to add the item, they must also get approval from the SCRA Secretary. Unless it is a minor edit (e.g. spelling mistake correction, formatting issue.)

2.2 If the SCRA Secretary is unwilling to make a judgement on the item, the SCRA President then approves or disapproves said item.

2.3 The SCRA Secretary must be informed of any ‘major’ revision deemed important by the SCRA Publicity Officer after the item is added to social media.  This excludes minor edits.

2.4 If the SCRA Secretary or SCRA President declines any items to be added, they can request revisions to the individual who proposed the addition.

2.5 If the revision is refused, the item cannot be added to SCRA social media outlet or website.

2.6 Any approved additions to social media and the website proposed by a BOM member or non-member group must be recorded on the SCRA Publicity Officer edit form which will be submitted at each SCRA general monthly board meeting as part of their report.

Time Frame

3.1 It is expected that the item will be accepted within three days, and added to the SCRA social media outlet or website within seven days after it is proposed.

3.2 If the item must be added before the seven day timeframe, the SCRA Publicity Officer can add it and then inform the SCRA Secretary of its addition who can then have it removed by the SCRA Publicity Officer.

3.3 It is expected that an urgent item is only a small addition to the social media outlet or website. E.g. a change of date.

3.4 If the SCRA Publicity Officer cannot add the item within seven days, they must inform the Member Group and the SCRA Secretary of this fact and propose a new time frame.

Approved by Board of Management of Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated September 2015

Revised May 2018, July 2021