Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated
Sustainability Action Plan

‘Every person has an impact on the earth, through every action we take, every resource we use and every interaction we have. The impact of a community organisation is therefore quite large, as it includes the impact of all the individuals that use their facilities, whether they are members, families or the public. Clubs are also leaders in their community; environmental initiatives undertaken by the club can have influence in home environments, work places, schools and other community clubs.’

Quoted from Conservation Council of SA for the Office for Recreation and Sport

Benefits of addressing sustainability:

  • Reducing our ecological footprint
  • cost saving
  • Enhancing Club identity
  • Social cohesion and involving communities, families and young people
  • Providing succession planning and leadership opportunities
  • Promoting that change can be positive for centre board of management and operations
  • Creating a culture of awareness, understanding and ownership of facilities within the Centre
Seacliff Recreation Centre Sustainability Action Plan

Our Pledge:

The Board of Management of Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated pledges to reduce our environmental and social impact by committing to investigating sustainability initiatives.


  • Sustainability is a regular agenda item on Board Meetings and Member Group Committee meetings
  • Defrost freezer every 6 months
  • Draught sealing around doors and windows are checked regularly
  • Energy efficiency of appliances checked when purchasing new
  • Temperature of fridges/freezers checked regularly
  • LED light globes changed throughout centre May 2016
  • sustainable rubbish bins in use May 2016
  • 80 solar panels installed October 2016
  • Mobile phone recycling with Fonebank commenced 2017
  • Sensor lights in rest rooms installed December 2017
  • Sensor taps in rest rooms installed December 2017
  • Insulation installed in North Hall & storeroom roof April 2018
  • Ergonomic, high speed hand dryers installed in rest rooms October 2018
  • Oral Care recycling Program commenced 2019
  • Tesla Powerwall 2 battery Storage installed 2020 to our current solar panel system
  • Silverscreen roller blinds installed 2020 to reduce heat, glare & ultraviolet radiation

Previous Investigations:

  • Timers in showers
  • Occupancy sensor or timer switch

Our Current Investigations:

  • Turn appliances off at wall (fridges included) during school holidays – when no one training
  • Awards/trophies made using recycled metals and products
  • Online digital forms
  • Reduce paper usage by Member Groups and Board of Management and where possible use sustainably sourced paper
  • Encourage Member Groups to recycle their own soft plastic waste

Approved by Board of Management of Seacliff Community Recreation Association Incorporated March 2016
Revised April 2019, March 2022