Chubb Fire Extinguisher Level 1 Training

Chubb Fire Extinguisher Level 1 Training

The Centre’s Board of Management organised a Chubb Fire Extinguisher Level 1 Training for an hour on Saturday 24th October 2020. Training started with theory indoors using our new projector to watch the presentation and videos. It then lead outside to a practical hands on training session on live fire.

We had a great turnout from the groups – Judo, KinderGym, Calisthenics and Gymnastics were represented. All getting an opportunity to use the carbon dioxide extinguisher on a safe and controlled gas fire.


Do you know how you would handle different fires and which is the right extinguisher to use?

Did you know that if you had a burning oil pan on the stove the last thing you should do is throw water over it! Best course of action is to throw a fire blanket over it (and leave it over the pan for at least 20 minutes), and did you know that they cost less than $10 at Bunnings!

Well worth spending the money to have it there just in case you should ever need it. Just hang it on the inside of a cupboard door next to your stove.

If we can save a life today, go out and buy one! Check out this video on how to use it